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Growth Factor Concentrate

Hair Transplantation

What is Growth factor concentrate

This treatment is considered with treating the scalp with growth factor. A small amount of blood is taken from the person being treated. This blood is then processed to obtain three different parts:

  • Red blood cells
  • Growth Factor concentrate
  • Platelets lacking plasma

The GFC is injected into the scalp. All these procedures are conducted by qualified dermatologists and are absolutely safe. Although this has been regarded as a good way to induce hair growth , there could be several risks that you must know about.

  • Minor injuries to the blood vessels during injection leading to bruise.
  • Allergies caused by local anaesthetics that may be used.
  • Infections due to the needles being used.

We could however help you with the best and highly reliable GFC hair treatment in Mumbai, considering the peculiarities that may prevail and getting you the most dependable services.

What are the Advantages of GFC Therapy

  • Sterile-no chances of infection
  • Highly safe as prepared from your own blood
  • Pure & without any unwanted cells gives less pain
  • High concentration of growth factors for optimum results
  • Less number of sessions required
  • Desired & early results
  • Equally effective in
    both male & females

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